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Do you want to do more for your staff wellbeing?

... to go above and beyond the standard offer?

... to promote good mental health?

... to promote good physical health?

... because you know your staff are worth it!

We can help. Click here for more details.

Would you like to be more...

... healthy?

... fit?

... balanced?

... at peace with the world?

We can help. Click here for more details.

About Obelison

I am Marc Price, and 'Obelison' is my Worcestershire-based teaching, coaching, and consultancy practice. My aim is to support businesses and people to make a positive difference in this world, through:

  • workplace wellbeing consultancy/coaching to manage anxiety/stress, and sedentary/posture behaviour issues;
  • and teaching/coaching Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation.

Over the past 30 years, alongside my main career of Electronics/Software Engineering, I have pursued interests in various topics related to the nature of Personal Reality. From 1999, my studies began to turn towards 'The Buqi System', which is based on a profoundly effective model of health that encompasses body, mind, and spirit. Tai Chi and Meditation are key components of The Buqi System, which I have been publicly teaching since 2008, and I found that it has valuable applications within my 'day-job'.

I found that the 'mind' aspect of the system is particularly useful in solving complex problems, which supported me in my work as an Engineer. Moreover, I found that the 'body' aspect, and its intimate connection with 'mind', gave me effective approaches to managing 'stress' through changing my posture, my movement, and my thinking. In turn, this further supported my approach to problem-solving in my work.

With Obelison, you can now apply this approach to your business, your staff, and your self. Scroll down for further details.

For further details on me and my background, please visit my personal webpages.

Dr Marc Price
Dr Marc Price

Workplace Wellbeing

Do you and/or your staff suffer with one or more of:

  • high levels of psychological stress?
  • high levels of physical stress?
  • high levels of posture-related illness?
  • high levels of sedentarism (ie many hours each day sitting down)?

The Obelison approach is NOT 'Corporate Tai Chi', or 'Corporate Meditation', where we simply offer weekly in-house classes.

Instead, our aim is to address modern wellbeing issues within the workplace, (eg stress, posture-related illnesses, and sedentarism), through bespoke Programmes that draw on the underpinning philosophies and practices of Tai Chi and Meditation. Although weekly exercise classes may be a component, the more crucial parts of the Programme would be consultancy and coaching/mentoring to deliver the necessary changes.

One of the key concepts that this approach is based on is the 'Double Viscious Circle' model of physical and psychological stress, as discovered by Dr Shen Hongxun. This model exposes the relationship between risk factors of stress and illness, and points to how key foundational elements of Tai Chi and Meditation can be employed to mitigate them.

The Obelison Approach works on training the necessary changes so that they become embedded into 'muscle memory'. Click the 'Sign-up' button to receive further information and updates.

Office Wellbeing


Personal Development

Packages and classes to take control of your personal health, fitness, and wellbeing, and to enrich your spiritual life.

Click the 'Tai Chi etc' image for full details - this will open a new tab/window to view the 'Tai Chi etc' site.

Tai Chi etc